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Aisha Babangida


Aisha Babangida is a visionary leader with a demonstrated history of working within philanthropy and helping under-served communities throughout Nigeria. She is the Founder of the Women Enterprise Alliance (WenA). She has over 20 years’ experience working with several non-profit organisations.

Aisha is responsible for the overall direction of WenA. She is dedicated to the cause of the African woman through empowerment thus fueling her passion to do more for the people of her country, Nigeria and the continent, Africa.

In addition to her passion and commitment to philanthropy, Aisha is very keen on empowerment. She believes that every African woman should be empowered. Through her work and outreach, she realized the importance of micro-finance and banking to the Nigerian economy. In 2016, she founded Egwafin Microfinance Bank. Egwafin helps cooperatives and small business owners gain access to credit facilities.

Her work and her efforts to improve the living standards of women have been recognized nationally and internationally. She has humbly accepted many awards and Prizes.


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